My Highlights Track: Forbidden Voices by Martin Garrix


That was the last time i brodcasted my feature program called DJandaR1, presenting 3 beautiful and gorgeous yet soulful and timeless tracks as the opening sounds for the afternoon radio show. The first track on that day was called Forbidden Voices by Martin Garrix. I was actually not a big fan of Martin Garrix’s previous songs until i found this vibrant sound of Forbidden Voices.

I sense it could dance my soul somehowπŸ™‚

Full track:


My Highlights Track: Jealousy (I ain’t with it) [Dillon Francis Remix] by Chromeo


I first listened to Chromeo’s sound through their remix work of Cut Copy’2014 song called Future. This week I got recalled of their name and searched their latest work on itunes and found this cool track enhanced by Dillon Francis.

The cool thing is it becomes an uplifting yet fun track though the lyrics was describing an awful feeling.

I can sense the meaning of “dancing in the rain” through it. Besides, my electro soul feels renewed by its sounds since a decade ago when i enjoyed electro house so much.


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Happy and healthy families

July 6, as a muslim, i also celebrated the day of victory called Eid Al-Fitr. Although i didn’t do 30 days fasting on Ramadhan due to postpartum and breastfeeding situation, i could still feel the glory of ‘Lebaran’. It is the family tradition in Indonesia to get together (usually at the eldest’s house of the big family member), then shake hands one another and say “minal ‘aidin wal faizin (arabic), mohon maaf lahir dan batin (bahasa Indonesia)” means “may you be among those who have happy returns, please forgive me body and soul”. 

I used to go to 2 houses on Eid Al Fitr, my dad’s uncle and my mom’s aunt before i got married. Since 2011, me and my husband had to visit 3-4 houses for ‘Silaturahmi’ with our relatives on Lebaran Day. Luckily most of them stay in Jakarta, so we don’t have to experience the high cost traveling or getting caught in super traffic jam for ‘mudik’or ‘pulang kampung’ (going back to hometown). Still and all, i feel so sorry for the ‘Brexit’ tragedy, the gridlock at Pejagan-Brebes toll exit which caused 15 motorists died of heart attacks and heat exhaustion . 

What so blessed on Lebaran this year was the presence of our newborn baby that enhanced the content feeling to have him among us in this special moment. It’s also a new experience for us to travel by car around Jakarta and Tangerang with a 3 year old son and a month old baby.

So grateful for having a happily beautiful moment with the whole family. Nothing better than being with them in a happy and healthy environment. 

Heavenly Dendeng Balado

June 29, i spent my whole day nursing my newborn baby. To keep my balance, i was thinking of some tasty and healthy food but not allergens for the baby. “It must replace my sort of comfort food like chocolate, milk cheese, cream, egg, seafood, nuts and should indulge my tongue with its orgasmic taste to boost the quality of my breasmilk with happy feeling when swallowing.

The morning i met my cook before she went shopping for the foodstuff, dendeng balado was popping up on my mind. It’s one of her best cook for the last decade. Unfortunately, it remained on my mind without telling her that i was dying to eat it that day.

It’s hard to believe that the moment i was extremely hungry after breastfeeding at 7ish pm, i went to the dining room, and my 73 year old cook had set the table with full of dendeng balado served in a rectangular pyrex. Wow! i heart the sort of ‘inner language’ i sent to her. I did enjoy every bite of coriander and garlic taste of thick meat and potatoes with tomatoes, chili, and red onions seasoning. 


So grateful for my lifetime greatest cook with one of her masterpiece ‘heavenly dendeng balado’ made my happy breastmilk for healthy baby.. Yeay!